Typically, when one person in the office gets sick, it spreads fast,
and eventually the office starts to look like a ghost town. This
happens because of cross contamination, which is when harmful bacteria
travel between organism through surfaces, equipment, or by directly
talking to someone who is sick. If you think you about of the amount
of surfaces you touch a day it can already too much to count, so know
what is contaminated or not can become an issue.  With the average
American spending more than 80% of their time indoors, cross
contamination should be a concern, especially during flu season.

Cross contamination does not only affect the health of your employees,
but it affects the productivity at your office. It is estimated that
the US loses a combined $60 billion from lower productive due to
illnesses contracted at the workplace. In addition to 30% of an office
building in the US have poor indoor air quality which only augments
the issue of cross-contamination. An office should be cleaned
regularly, or at least once a week depending on the number of
employees it holds. Also, having a healthy environment will show your
employees you appreciate them and want them to stay healthy.

At Clean Facilities Group, Inc. we recommend contacting our team of
professional janitorial services to prevent cross contamination in
your office and maintain work productivity. There are multiple
benefits to contract services companies like Clean Facilities Group,
Inc. to clean your office. Contract employees come with proven plans
and policies along with new equipment and training.  Our professional
janitors will ensure that harmful bacteria become a thing of the past.